redefining what you own




FIRDOSE was founded upon A passion for design classics, we make products that are built to last a lifetime and beyond.

We all identify with the need to have those things around us which expresses something about ourselves and who we are, delving into a vast archive of history & heritage sparked an inspiration to design & make goods in a traditional way that is in line with modern day living. Products you will want to hold onto for the quality, craftsmanship and style.

 a new fusion of british & islamic heritage. 

The inspiration to line Firdose leather products with British wool came from the discovery that the Arabic word for wool is suf, from whence the word Sufi, is derived. The Sufis dedicated themselves to worship and wore wool clothing. Wool is also the goto fabric for the traditional British gentleman or lady produced in many mills around the Great British Isles.



limited editions handmade IN THE UK from premium materials