Based on the past

Bringing tradition alive, through culture, the craft process & items that were made with a very specific use (something we don't find today in the world of 'sameness').


Firdose design & produce premium accessories, essentials, for want of a better word, for those wanting to complement their possessions with an element of functionality, quality & style.

Handmade products are limited editions.

Firdose is the future.

Firdose Lifestyle aims to become a lifestyle store all about refinement, offering a limited selection of exclusive products — including art, bags, clothing, furniture, food & drink for the discerning. 


dark draw

Each part of the process of making the products is painstakingly researched and tested before going ahead, in fact we are known for our high level of research skills, scouring the globe for inspiration, design details & materials. We do not take shortcuts, preferring to start again if something is not quite right of the high standards we aim for, from spending weeks researching the right type of materials, to the finishing touches applied by hand, ensuring that quality is THE priority.